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On behalf of the entire Central Massachusetts Chapter of Trout Unlimited. Please, stay a while and take a look at all the projects our chapter is currently involved with. Please be patient while we update our website. For any questions on how you can get involved visit the contact information section.

The Central Massachusetts Chapter of Trout Unlimited is a newly re-formed, growing chapter in the heart of Massachusetts. With home waters situated in the heart of the Wachusetts Reservoir, there is an abundance of angling opportunities available for the avid trout and salmon fisherman. The Stillwater and Quinnapoxet Rivers are an excellent alternative to traveling to Western Massachusetts. Both rivers have the ability to produce abundant insect life and huge trout. A landlocked salmon run during the fall months contributes to the overwhelming options many have right outside their doorsteps.

President's Welcome

Central Mass Trout Unlimited (CMTU; Chapter 148) is based in Worcester, Massachusetts, the third largest city in New England, located approximately 45 miles west of Boston. We are members of the greater Mass-Rhode Island TU Council. Like many TU chapters across America, our chapter has had its peaks and troughs. Thanks to the perseverance of Paul Bakstran and several other dedicated CMTU members, CMTU is now thriving, gaining new members each month. We are also grateful to the greater MA-RI Council of TU for their support. Finally, I would also want to thank Michael Goodman for [re-]building our chapter website and getting it online. We will be working diligently to improve and update our website in the months ahead. We welcome your comments and suggestions.

Our "home waters" are the Quinepoxet, Stillwater, and Assabet Rivers. The "Quinnie" and Stillwater drain into Wachusett Reservoir, in West Boylston. Originating in Westborough, the slower Assabet meanders in a northeasterly direction through several towns before converging with the Sudbury River to form the Concord River. For more information on these rivers see the "Home Waters" page.

Your constructive feedback and participation are welcomed. There is plenty of work to do on several projects and new initiatives. Please feel free to attend our meetings, which will resume in September (see Meetings link).

Larry Bush
President, CMTU

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