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Onset Island is located in the area of Massachusetts called Cape Cod. The 12 acre island sits in Onset Bay, off the village of Onset, Ma. In the year 2010, fifty plus summer cottages are now located on the island. I will attempt to introduce you to a unique world only known to a small subset of the population - Onset Islanders. Read More History...

We have some Stories posted on this website... The first story posted was written by Ralph Staples... It's all fun and history... Click Here to view the Story Page...

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Celene Daynes and Leslie Anderson  Ron Barber  9/4/2009
HI... I have posted a few photos provided by Lisa Fitzgerald (Daynes)... Here are some pictures of Celene Daynes and Leslie Anderson on the jetski!... Lisa can't believe her mother was zooming around in the bay - in a no wake zone at that!... Check out the photos... Bye for Now...

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